8 1/2 x 11 prints, matted, $5, plus postage. 
"The Magician" - Gene Roddenberry, as the creator of the Star Trek universe, the Enterprise being chased by a Klingon Bird of Prey, the symbols for the four suits represented by stars.
"The Monarch of Cups" - Cpt. Kirk, with a goblet of wine, in his quarters.
"The Monarch of Wands" - Cpt. Picard, with flute
"The Monarch of Swords" - Cmdr. Sisko, with sword
"The Monarch of Pentacles"- Cpt. Janeway, with vase bearing a pentacle on it.
"The High Priestess" - Deanna Troi, as the High Priestess, with attributes of the cards around her.
"The Star" - Uhura, as the classic Star representation
"The Hermit" - Spock as the Hermit, with staff and lantern, costume from movie #1
"The Wheel of Fortune" - Deep Space Nine, the space station, with the wormhole opening behind.
"Strength" - Cmdr. Sisko,  holding a lion, based on classic card representation.
"The Lovers" - Sarek and Amanda in the classic pose of Vulcans in love.
"The Tower" - The Enterprise falling from space, from movie #3.
"The Fool" - Dr. Bashir about to step off into space, followed by... a dog?(From year 1 of Deep Space Nine)
"The Four of Pentacles" - Harry Mudd from classic Star Trek, holding four large golden coins bearing pentacles on their faces, city-scape at dawn behind all.
"The Two of Wands" - Spock from movie #4, George and Gracie (the whales) swimming behind him.  The wands are represented by the window frames.
"Seven of Nine" - Seven of Nine as human, flanked by Seven of Nine as a Borg and USS Raven, enclosed in two circles.

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